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Monday, 5 November 2018

How to start Exercise Book Production

How to start Exercise Book Production  

According to wiki “An exercise book (also called version bookor in Ireland, a copy book) is a book that is used in schools tocopy down schoolwork and notes”.
A student will usually have a different exercise book for each separate lesson.Exercise book format differs from subject to subject, for the majority ofsubjects, the exercise book will contain lined paper with a margin, but forother subjects such as mathematics, the exercise book will be blank or containsquared paper to aid in the drawing of graphs, tables or other diagrams. On theeast coast of Canada they are called "Scribblers". In India they aretypically referred to as "Khatas". In some schools, exercise bookscan change color depending on the subject. For example, Biology might be greenand Mathematics may be blue.
The typical size of a school exercise book is 9x7 inches.
 Right from onset theneed for exercise book has high demand, the putting down of thoughts, feelingsand experiences have dominated the thoughts of man. This feeling still dominatein today’s world, considering the number of nursery, primary, secondary,tertiary and other higher institutions in our locality, the number of individual asit has once be calculated that the average human being consume not less than 10pages of paper on daily basis not counting the institution of learning, thispapers consumed comes in different forms and sizes, the minutes book, diary,jotter, book keeping, recorder and so on. An average student before leaving thefour walls of the secondary education is intercepted to have used 439books,calculating from the number of subjects offered, the number of terms and thenumber of years spent.
Exercise book is a notebook used in schools for copying downschool works. They come under slightly of often times under light and tickcovers which comes in different sizes and shapes.
The need for exercise book still matters even to thebusiness man, health agents, doctors, nurses and all works of live. Ok,calculate the money spent on exercise books; think about the number of booksyou have used and how much you spent on them. Now think about how rich youcould have been if you have the same money paid to you from thousands of students(not considering other sources of exercise book consumption).
Exercise book can never be outdated or never will the demandcome down as its need is still growing exponentially, it’s a business that cannever suffer a customer loss, it’s a business that can take one to stardomhaving its production easy and cheap, one can enjoy a rich pay from thisbusiness.
Production process of exercise book are of four major stagesand these are (1) Ruling of lines on the sheets, (2) Folding to desired sizes,  (3) Cover printing attachment or Stitching and(4) Cutting or Brushing.
Even as easy as production is the market is high as they 45million out of 165 million Nigerians are student. The demand is stillincreasing as exercise book is the functioning unit of all students.
One can start this business with little capital and startproducing both general and customize exercise books as many schools andinstitutions preferred customize books and so one can start with nothinginitially only with prospective investors.
This is a business that carries much command and ion suchcommands money into the pockets of the willing investors.
To start up this business or just to get more information onthis business one can start by getting the business/plan or feasibility reporton this business at the cost of N10,500.  
Materials needed for exercise book production are:
------ of ---- paper---- gram preferably. Reams of Cheap bond,Pins, Threads and Gum
We can assist you in locating the flowing printingmachines for printing of.

Direct Image Printing Machines
Offset Printing Machines
  • Exercise Books
  • Invoice/ Order/ Receipt books
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Almanacs
  • Pamphlets
  • Business Cards
  • ETC.

We fabricate the following Machines for ruling of 40, 60, and 80  leaves exercise books.

Horizontal Ruling Machine

Vertical Ruling machine

We can also locate the under listedfor you.
·       Rawmaterials needed, Cutting and folding Machines if need be.
Cutting machine

·       Whereto source for raw materials
·       We fabricate the machines and do the installation/training of your staff on howto
Folding Machine
start production, Marketresearch and prepare returnon investment within 2 years of operations

Warranty period: One year(Except easily replaced parts), and will provide long term services including providing spare parts and staff at low price and will heart and soul help the buyer to solve any problem that may arise.

If you want this type of business to work for you, startworking on a business plan and take action as soon as possible.

All payments are to be via:

Account Name: Vester RoyalBusiness Magnet Company


If you have any question, feel free to Call 07088788710,08036721009,08076075205 or send e-mail:- bizideas@vestersms.com






Sunday, 4 November 2018


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Information marketingbusiness is a business in which you sell information as a product.

What is InformationSelling Business?
     Informationselling is the act of researching, identifying, creating a solution to anobvious knowledge gap in the society and selling the solution to interestedindividuals to earn cool cash.
    In a nutshell,information report selling means creating short eBooks that solve a problem andselling the e-books to the affected individuals while you earn cool cash.
    For example,Around July 2013, I came up with an information report on online. I understandthe fact that millions of Nigerians are on online and only go there to chatwith friends, post updates etc
    I ventured intoresearch about how to make money from online and I came up with the product, it’sa product of less than 35pages that I personally created to teach how to makemoney online. It took me less than 2days to create and setup the website. Then,I started selling the product.
    This product soldmore than 223 copies in 4 months and it single-handedly generated overN1,226,500 for me in 2013. I sold the guide for N5,500.

How I Set-Up InformationSelling Business
    Many people never knew that information selling is a very hot business if therudiments are learn. Otunba Akin Alabi, the owner of nairabet; a multi-millionairesport betting website started as an information report seller back in 2007. Themoney generated from this business was what today gave birth to the NairabetEmpire.
   To set up an information report selling business, these are needed:
1.The product to sell; I know many of you will say... "but I donot have anything to sell or know how to create what to sell". Iunderstand! Interestingly, we do not create what we sell sometimes. Wesometimes get resale right to an already created product. Hereis one of such offerdirectly from me to you.
2.  -------- to Sell your Product; Sometimes back in 2004, I bought an eBookfor N7,500 which teaches how to create simple ------ like the one youare on right now. Thank God I took the pain to buy the eBook back thenand trust me, just as the title of the e-book, "how to ---- a -------in 30 minutes" I do often ======== in 30 minutes or less. In anutshell, learning to ----------- is as simple as ABC... and needed tostart an information report selling business.
3.   Traffic; Traffic explains the people that visit your website. The firstmonth after I created how to make money fromfacebook,I got over 5000 people to visit the website. That means I had over 5000 trafficto the website. I was able to make almost 200 sales within 4 months. The moretraffic that comes to a website, the more potential sales to be made and themore to be earned from sales of your information report selling business.There are free and paid ways of getting traffic to a website. I concentratedmore on the paid means.
Having realized that informationselling
business is the most comfortable
online. Earn cool cash with honesty.

I concentrated more on it and thatis the more reason why it earned me that much in 2013. I created and solddifferent information products
 All the information products created and soldwere responsible for N7,500,000 income out of my total income for 2013.

A secretthat most Internet Marketers wouldn't
reveal to you is that a lot of money is earned
selling e-books online

Mind you, not just selling anyinformation! But selling quality information that provide solutions to peopleand ability to give support to your buyers whenever the need arise.

    I held a Seminarin October 2013 to teach my subscribers about this same concept of informationreport selling and in fact helped set up everything from product to website. Itaught about the traffic getting aspect in the training i.e. how to get manypeople to buy this information from you.

The goodnews for you is that, as much as I have decided that I want to raise just 5 Millionaires with this special setup businessand traffic/sales opportunity, I have decided to setup the whole informationmarketing business for you (95% of the job will be done by me) and teachyou practically the remaining 5%. This will get you started almost immediatelywithout any delay.

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Account Name: Vester RoyalBusiness Magnet Company




日本熟妇50岁hdAfter Payment call or send text message stating, Your email id, bank paid

in, teller no, Purpose of payment. and amount paid, to: 08036721009 ,
08076075205 or 07088788710 for immediate delivery of your order to you e-mail.

Monday, 20 November 2017

How to Start Polythene or Nylon bags Business

 According to wiki                                                                                          "

"Cellophane is a thin, transparent sheet made of regenerated cellulose. Its low permeability to air, oils, greases, bacteria, and water makes it useful for food packaging.
"Cellophane" is a generic term in some countries, but in some is a registered trade mark."

Polythene or Nylon bags Productionis one of the business one can start from smaller scale and move to the largestproduction capacity within a space of two years. You can start the businessfrom cutting and sealing of already machined Polythene or Nylon.
Since Nigeria is a country that can produceadequate raw materials for this business, it is easier for the business to growfast. The high demand for Polythene or Nylon bags is the major reasonwhy the business is too lucrative
Types Polythene or Nylon bags.
There are two major types ofpolythene or nylon bags that are  neededin Nigeria depending on   and they are:
(a.) Low Density: This nylon bag is a rather thick one and it is used inwrapping items like snack and bread.
(b.) High Density: These brand of nylon bags are probably the most employed inthe country due to its versatility, durability and most importantly itsstrength. They are used for Garbage bags, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging,disposable, shopping bags and various other uses.
RawMaterials and Machines Required to Produce or Nylon Bags in Nigeria.
The major raw materials that youwill need to embark on this venture are readily available in the country.However, it has been discovered that major manufacturers in the country areusing imported machines from  Indonesia,India, China and South Korea while the locally fabricated ones are fabricatedby VESTER ROYAL BUSINESS MAGNET COMPANY.These essential raw materials include the following:  ..............,  ..............,  ..............,  .............., and  ..............,. When you are about to purchase your machines, you mustendeavor to understand the role of the machine and if it suits the purposewhich you require.
Some machines can only produce highor low density polythene nylons while some can easily produce both high and lowdensity bags. Where you are unable to start in a large scaledue to finance, youcan start with cutting and sealing machines.

Steps to Follow in the Production of Nylon Bags
1. ..........: This is probably the most essential part of thewhole business enterprise because ideas without.............. cannot be actualized. Theways you can raise funds include:
........... from ..............,  .............., .............., ones and your  ..............,. Youmust ensure that the  .............., which you have generated is enough to run yourbusiness for at least  .............., months.
This is due to the fact that profits start to generate after  .............., months.
2. Market Survey: It’s very necessary that you have an ideaof who is your potential customers will be. The areas you intend to  .............., andthe times to  .............., are to be carefully monitored as they are key to yourmarket survey and in the long run getting the best out of your business.
*3. Business Plan: A good business plan is a key part ofevery business as it gives a detailed overview of the levels which yourbusiness would continually grow covering areas like finance, advertisement ofyour products, Cash flow,Where to get raw materials and the building of your organizational structure. The bestbusiness plans gives you that edge over competitors and its essential whensourcing for finances as people intend to see what you intend to use theirmoney for.
4. Rent three bed room flat: The location of your warehouse isquite necessary. When obtaining your house, you must make  sure that your working place/industry is at an  .............., which is accessible by  ..............   Thisfactor is to be considered for easy  .............., of your finished products.
5. Buying and Installation of Machines: We have highlightedthe machines you need to purchase above. You can purchase these machines fromreliable sources or from VESTER ROYAL BUSINESS MAGNET COMPANY.After purchasing the machines from the source, the next step is to install themachines for you.
6. Employ few people: At the beginning of   thebusiness, it will be better if you employ just few people initially  ..............,people. The following professionals are the ones you should consider at thestart of your business;  ..............,  ..............,  .............., 

7. Transportation: Trucks are very important part of yourbusiness as they would aid easy transportation process in the business. Havingone or more trucks at your disposal would save you the cost of having to hire atruck every time you intend to transport a finished product and time would notbe wasted in the process.
8. Begin and Market your Products: After you have gathered theadequate materials for your enterprise, the next step is to begin manufacturingof your products and storing them for supply. Advertising on  .............., ..............,and various other  .............., would help giving your business thenecessary recognition it deserves. Ensure you embark on  .............., aswell so you do not limit your  ...............
The following are the targets your Nylon bag manufacturing company should belooking at: Restaurants, Supermarkets, Offices, Schools, Laundry stores,Pharmacies, Public Markets, Mineral.............., ..............,  ..............,  ..............,  .............., e.t.c.
From the above, you can see that your target market is limitless. Thecontinuous demand also asserts that it is a business that has a continuousdemand and can definitely stand the test of time. Its definitely a win-winsituation from all angles.

For more details pay a consultation/manual fee of N10,500 into any of our company's account and send us a text message to any of the following phone numbers, +2348036721009, +2347088788710 containing; Amount paid in, Bank paid into, Purpose of payment and your email address.

polythene or nylon bags Machine
Our human development training programmes are designed to assist our clients set-up their respective business on a sound footing. The training cuts across different segment of the economy to include ICT, Industrial, Agriculture, Export, Import, Food, Beverage, Manufacturing,Plant/Machine Fabrication, Mining , Quarry, Telecommunication, Tourism and Transportation are facilitated by our seasoned professionals in their respective fields.
Feel free to call for your business plan on Bread production: 08036721009,08076075205, 07088788710
or e-mail usbizideas@vestersms.com on payment of the manual fee of Ten  thousand five hundred naira(N10,500). This amount is payable into our Company’s account thus;
Click here for our physical contact address. 
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