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Monday, November 24, 2014

Create a QR code out of your WIFI details

Just came across a website to generate a QR code, which is a two dimensional barcode that stores information in black and white dots.

These barcode which are a machine readable fonts, can only be read through a scanner or software .You can download QR reader on your Smartphone and use your camera to scan the Barcode.
QR code can hold variety of information and through website ( you can generate different types of QR Code of which 2 of what I fancy.

First you have an option to fill out your Wi-Fi details, meaning when someone scans the code, they’ll be automatically connected to your WIFI. Imagine a friend visiting your house and asking for your WIFI password instead just asks him to scan your Code.

Secondly a Vcard contact information which is an offline version of your Business card. Just enter your details and the OR code is generated automatically which can be download in the form of QR code image.

Once done you can place and use the QR graphic on leaflets, posters, business cards or other products without any costs / for free (including commercial use).Here is what I  just created

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Keys why Business owners should outsource their work

My Business model of working from home has taught me so many skills as an Entrepreneur, Project manager small business owner that I really appreciate the effort put in by the freelancers whom I outsource my work to

Freelancers all over the world are keen workers looking forward to establish a mark for them. They provide professional work and there is no reason why companies shouldn’t engage them.

My experience with them has saved heaps of my time and I have learnt how to delegate tasks and get the necessary results.

All business owners suffer from lack of time and unable to focus on the things they really need to be doing. Outsourcing to a freelancers has helped focus on bigger issues, saving time and above all its give value of money.

So keys why a Business owner should engage a freelance or outsource their work are.

1. Saves Time
2. Value of Money
3. Business can focus on real issues
4. Profession Delivery of projects
5. Learning how to be a leader
6. No obligation to hire 

Monday, October 20, 2014

A simple step to improve your small business cash flow

Running a consultancy firm can we rewarding but it takes a lot of hard work.Between managing
your consultancy firm and providing efficient service to your clients sometimes the most
important things can get overlooked.

The forecast of the amount of cash flow expected for the survival of the firm is one of the area
which can be neglected until its too late.

Being able to measure your success(cash flow) it is necessary to build your consultancy firm.

Traditionally cash flows forecasts usually required hiring a full time accountant or a bookkeeper.But
with advent of Cloud applications I am able to manage and improve my cash flows through the click of my finger

Harvest Application is an excellent example where I can track the number of consultancy hours I have spend with my client and provide them with a professional bill  on time.

Even better it gives my company a dedicated web address Give it a try today and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

India ‘Emerging wealth as compared to China ‘Star of the east’ as says Credit Suisse

Thanks to the rapid growth, Indian wealth per adult in rupees hasincreased steadily at a rate of 8% annually over 2000-2014, according to theinvestment bank Credit Suisse.

The fifth annual study by the Swiss bank of global wealth trends foundthe median Indian wealth per adult was $4650 in mid 2014  well below as compared to China which is USD 21,330 in 2014.Currency movementsoften exacerbate the difference however still the difference is still very pronounced.

Household wealth in India is heavily skewed towards property and otherreal assets which 86% of estimated assets. The 2014 Global Wealth Report shows global wealth is 20 percent above its pre-crisis peak and almost 40 per cent higher than the lowrecorded in 2008.

While Indian wealth has strongly risen the gap between the rich and pooris still high, as not everyone has shared in India’s growth. Ninety fivepercent of the adult population has wealth below USD 10,000 on the other end only0.3 percent has a net worth of USD100, 000.

Out of more than one Billion of us only 238, 000 Indian are the membersof the top 1% of global wealth owner.

The good news though is household wealth of India is projected to growby more than 50% by 2019.Go India.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ever wonder if you can ask 'Google' to forget you

Wonder no more Google Transparency Reports  contains data shedding light on how laws and politics affect internet users and the flow of information online.Google transparency reports allows users to browse on the current reports of link removal requests from their searches.

A recent example is the 146,357 request received by Google in Europe to remove content related to embarrassing information about people's lives from from the search result.

Guess this set up a precedent for internet users to ask 'Google ' to forget them however to what extent its a feasible proposition needs to be defined while also striving to stand by its belief that all of the world's information should be universally accessible.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pen and paper could become things of the past

Pen and paper could become things of the past through leading e Signature and digital transaction management provider, DocuSign.

With DocuSign, platform you can simply upload a document, add respective names and email addresses, tag the document where the signature, initial and dates are required and then hit send – all within a secure online environment.

The technology transforms the way businesses manage traditional paper-based processes. Through cloud-based platform, businesses can quickly, easily and securely collect and transact invaluable business information and sign documents anytime, on any compatible device. This is return help business find new efficiencies, improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance customer service.

DocuSign gives businesses the agility to carry out day-to-day tasks quickly and efficiently on-the-go.

See for yourself – try DocuSign FREE for 14 days

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Now a smartphone sidewalk lane in China ,What next

To my astonishment I just read that China has introduced a smartphone sidewalk lane,dedicated to
smartphone users in city of Chongqing in Southwest China.

Although I am a believer of new ideas which would assist community,I still can't  assimilate
the impact technology is having on our day to day lifestyle.

Good or bad,time will tell whether such phenomenon will catch on throughout the world.

What I believe is such ideas are just reiterating that'Technology is taking over our lives' and we are
spending much more time on smartphones then actually viewing the outside world.

Read More

Monday, September 15, 2014

Internet technology as a Driver of Growth for small businesses in India

Small businesses as diverse as Website and Application development,e-commerce, traveland education are accelerating their growth using Internet technology. Theyhave identified the need in investing time and money in regularly updatingtheir internet technology as a priority to reduce costs.

Despite this the extentto which the internet technologies are being used to drive staff productivityis still limited.

Business apps such as Google Apps,ARISapp, Canvas and GeoOP, takebusiness processes mobile, even replacing things like pen and paper forms andare ideal for field workers and salespeople improving businessproductivity and customer service.

With the power of the latest smartphones , there is now realscope for businesses of all sizes to make much more use of apps to make doingbusiness easier and free up valuable time.

The intention of this blog is to support Small business in India to get the most out oftechnology, tailored specifically for their business.Contact me at pardeeprajgupta@gmail.com for more information.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tips for digital parents

Facebook has become a crucial online communication tool forparents to stay in touch with family and friends in the last decade, the ease ofaccessibility of Face book through smartphone, tablets and laptop means it isavailable on the go.

However as always, good things come with itschallenages.Kids especially teenager kids are most likely to decline yourfriend requests from you  to avoid embarrassingmoments of you adding a baby picture of them or posting a parent post on their Facebook wall.

Here are some Tips to avoid suspicion from kids aboutaccepting request from you.

->Don't join a fan group just because your kid did, givethem some space and be yourself on face book

->Don't try to be friends with your kids list of 100 friends-Drawsthe line when adding friends

-Don’t over share when posting picture of kids

->Don’t post and tag a picture of your Kids

->Online world of communication doesn’t differ much fromthe real life conversation. Just don’t be judgemental and use face book to yourbenefit of parent hood

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Let's talk about social media.

My experience with social media is certainly notnew and at times it becomes a bit of an addiction. I am not talking about Facebook but something which a professional consultant like me, use a lot to promotetheir skills set and experience. Yes a self marketing free tool which helps youto get your next break, and this particular tool is called LinkedIn.

To me my LinkedIn profile represents a greatopportunity to promote myself in this era of Globalization and I always seem tothought I am doing a great job.

Until recently when someone (a young HR manager)told me that simply having a LinkedIn profile doesn’t guarantee a new job, youneed to be at forefront to make sure your profile is visible to the headhunterout there.

The young HR manager did recommend me few pointerswhich I thought are worth implementing and I thought sharing with you all.

Your LinkedIn profile should be more than a repeatof your resume.

It should have the necessary keywords that willmake your profile visible when a HR Manager searches it on LinkedIn.

Making your name visible on Google Search. Aranking of your name. Never thought that would be an issue; however you wouldbe surprised how many people out there have same name as yours.

Surprisingly my current linked profile views aren’tthat great however I done a few tweaks as per the recommendation and will betracking the progress of new ‘who viewed your profile’ to make sure itsreaching the right audience.

Changed my professional headline so that it has theright Keywords

Took a snapshot of my the New ‘who vied my profile’to track

Check Google rank for my name, which is numberalready.

Happy to receive any further feedback from the experts out there as I know I have missed alot here.Here is my Linkedin Profile



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